About Us

Twing Data specializes in deeply analyzing data warehouse query histories, processing hundreds of thousands of queries to gain a comprehensive understanding of the workloads. We leverage this deep insight to provide data teams with actionable recommendations and insights, enabling them to maximize their data warehouse's potential, reduce costs, and improve performance.

We are a team of engineers and data scientists with a passion for data and a deep understanding of data warehouses. We have seen data warehouses in all their forms and want to help others get the most out of their data. We believe that to get ahead companies need to take advantage of their data but it's also easy to get lost in the hype. We want to help companies make the right decisions and maximize their data warehouse's potential.
Dan Goldin headshot

Dan Goldin

Prior to Twing Data, Dan led and scaled TripleLift's engineering team to a $1.4B acquisition. He has seen the good and bad sides of data pipelines and wants to make sure others don't make the same mistakes.
Simon Goldin headshot

Simon Goldin

Simon is a software engineer with a passion for data. But his true passion is making complex interfaces simple and providing a great user experience.